Water Baptism

We follow the teaching of Jesus and practice full immersion water baptism, which means everyone baptised with us is in for a full body dunking!

Baptism is a statement to the world of a change that has happened on the inside of you. Water baptism symbolises the death of who you used to be before knowing Jesus by going down into the water, and your re-birth into your new life with Jesus coming back out of the water.

If you feel you’re ready to be baptised, we hold baptism services at different points throughout the year. Simply complete the form opposite to be considered as a candidate for baptism and we will contact you to discuss your interest further.

Baptism in the Spirit

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a separate experience to water baptism (although you can be baptised in the spirit at the same time as being water baptised).

We believe that baptism in the spirit enables you to live an empowered Christian life and receive the power to undertake your own personal ministry.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is often linked to the ability to speak in tongues as well as other signs following the baptism as God works through us to deliver healing, faith, deliverance and other ministries and gifts.

If you’d like to find out more about baptism in the holy spirit, complete the form opposite and we will contact you to discuss any questions you may have.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is available every Sunday morning at the end of each service, simply come forward for prayer and we will gladly pray with you.

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