Prayer Triplets.

What are prayer triplets?

Prayer triplets are a small group of church members who have committed to meeting together and praying regularly. The groups are usually made up of three members and we want to encourage each group to create an environment of mutual trust and confidence to stand together in agreement and pray.

What are the prayer requests?

Each week, the church publishes a new prayer topic which is announced on a Sunday morning and included in the church newsletter. We encourage each triplet to use this prayer topic as the basis for prayer as well as praying for each other’s needs and for any other topic they feel moved to pray about.

When do prayer triplets meet?

We don’t have any rules about when or where prayer groups meet providing that there is a commitment from all members to meet regularly and with a focus on spending time praying together. This could be weekly, every fortnight or monthly depending on when everyone in the triplet can get together.

How do I find out more?

If you’re interested in joining a prayer triplet, our prayer co-ordinator is Su Hutchinson who will organise a triplet for you to join.