In Person Services 

We’re heading back to in person services at St Mary’s Centre from Sunday 11 April 2021! Numbers will be limited and things will be a little different to how they used to be, but here’s everything you need to know.

Because of the restrictions, it’s really important that you read the information provided and the rules you’ll be asked to keep:

Before the Service

Each week you will need to pre-register (link at the bottom of this page) if you want to attend an in person service. We’ll collect some contact information for test and trace when you register.

Online live-streaming from St Mary’s will continue, so you can watch the service online if we reach capacity or you don’t feel ready to return yet.

There is a maximum number of 40 people allowed in the room for the service.

Doors will open at 10:00am on Sunday, please aim to arrive before 10:20am, this gives us plenty of time to get everyone checked in and seated before the service starts.

During the Service

When you arrive at St Mary’s Centre, you will be greeted at the front door, please make your way straight upstairs to the main hall, a one way system is in place, however this doesn’t apply on the stairs, so please be mindful of this.

Face coverings are mandatory (unless you are medically exempt) so please have one with you, you won’t be allowed entry into the building without one.

Whilst the lift is in operation, capacity is limited to a single household group, please stand to the right hand side of the lift door if you are waiting to go up or down in the lift.

Once upstairs, please enter the main hall via the usual doors to the left where you will be allocated a seat. You should stay at your seat for the duration of the service.

Unfortunately we’re not able to sing during worship due to the restrictions, but there’s nothing stopping you worshiping God through other expressions – clapping, dancing or raising your hands for example. 

After the Service

Once the service ends, you’ll be asked to leave by the right hand side doors, please make your way downstairs and out of the building as quickly as possible to prevent any delays to everyone leaving.

Please don’t stop to speak with people in the building as this is not permitted within the restrictions. We know this will be difficult, but your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

You’re welcome to chat outside providing you maintain social distancing and keep to the rule of 6 (or two households). We would ask however that you move away from the building if doing so to ensure people can leave whilst maintaining a safe distance from others. 

We would ask that you consider attending in person every other Sunday to allow others who would like to the opporuntity to attend an in person service too.